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Battle Core Project
BattleCore is an open source project made for modifications of the Subspace/Continuum game environment with the aid of a modified client.

This core was originally created by UDP. Anyone using/modifying this core must credit UDP for original core design.

Continuum (also known as Subspace) is a 2D online massive-multiplayer online game (MMOG).
Get Continuum/Subspace here:

License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)

In this project I hope to:

- Update the core, fixing any bugs and adding features as we go
- Upload Bots for different events and arenas
- Upload Game gfx/maps/settings free for the ss community to use as they please
- I hope to draw more people to the game and increase the overall development of ss

We are a small group. Projects may move slow, but hopefully we are steady.

snoochie boochies

- Psyops

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